Starks TV

Larry Starks has been writing, performing, and producing comedy for over 6 years.

After being voted “most likely to have warrants first” by his high school senior class and years of requests to become a standup comic instead of a felon, Larry finally gave it a shot. Due to his popularity around town he didn’t have to perform at the usual open mic. Larry’s first time performing on stage was his own show. Still coming up in the open mic circuit for exposure he has worked his way up to being a regular on stage at comedy off broadway (his home club). In 2012 Larry became runner-up of the “C if you could make Shaquille O’neal laugh” contest sponsored by courvosier. He has toured with Queen of comedy Adele Givens and has worked with countless other big name comedians such as Red Grant, Gary Owen, Kenny Howell, Spike Davis, Stewart Huff, Tom Rhodes, Tim Northern and many more.

Along with making a name for himself in standup comedy, he is also making a name for himself in the social media world creating comedy content that has went viral several times generating millions of views. Content that has made several blogs and websites such as and Comedy hype even working on several occasions with the social media juggernaut Russel Simmons’ All Def Digital. On the acting side he played a tv show host in Adele Givens’ parody movie “Skankhose”, Ct fletcher parody and has covered several roles in music videos and skit films. He also is the creator and host of an internet radio show called Straight trippin radio.
He has a Facebook fan page with over 40k page likes, personal Facebook page with over 14k followers, Instagram with over 19k followers, and a youtube channel with over 60k subscribers.


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